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Elite Pump Controller


The Elite Pump Controller offers advanced pump control functions for pumping and lift stations, remote monitoring and alarm notification in a single integrated controller.

The Elite Pump Controller provides continuous control, monitoring and alarming of all critical signals. Users quickly see all pump operations including run times, cycles, alternations, level and setpoints on the easy to use front panel.

Safeguards for detecting stuck floats, pumps running too long, phase faults to stop pumps and more are easily enabled through an operator interface that displays options and speaks them through a speaker at the same time.

All programming can be performed from the front pad or remotely via a phone by answering a set of questions in a only a few minutes.

Wiring is pre-determined making for quick installation.

Since the Elite is also an alarm dialer, it notifies the appropriate personnel via phone, cell, fax, pager, modem, alpha pager and even radio.

Daily reports can be automatically sent to faxes and the internet showing pump cycles, run times, totalized flow and all current conditions.

Configure a complete control panel by adding HOA switches, motor starters and you are ready to go!


  • Complete system - all you add is HOAs and motor starters!
  • Duplex control with automatic alternation or lead/lag select (user selectable)
  • Keep track of pump starts and run times
  • Support for float switch sensors or an analog level sensor (user selectable)
  • Functions in either a fill or drain application (user selectable)
  • All channels are pre-assigned for ease of setup
  • Individual pump override control for maintenance operations
  • High and low alarm call notification
  • Individual pump overtemp inputs and alarms
  • Individual motor start fault inputs and alarms
  • Phase fault input and alarm
  • Manual control over pump relays while in override
  • Detection of a stuck lead float switch will activate both pumps
  • Detection of a stuck lag float switch can activate either pump
  • Can use float switches in conjunction with analog level sensor as fail-safe for pump activation
  • Start, restart, and dual start delays to control when the pumps are started
  • Readout of all pump parameters from front panel display
  • Event logging of pump starts/stops
  • Local and remote programming via keypad, phone and PC

The Elite Pump Controller performs duplex operations in addition to monitoring, alarm and communications functions. Pumps can be controlled in either a lead-lag or alternation scheme, take a pump out of service, detect stuck floats switches, pre-configured yet programmable, and provides all alarming.

The EPC is available as a standard part number in 2 I/O configurations - level sensing based on analog sensors or float switches. Each of these configurations is available in the NEMA enclosure, flush or sub-panel mounting.

Spare inputs are available for Seal Failure, Over Temperature and Intrusion alarms.

For Analog Level Sensor Applications

You can set up to 5 set points to specify when the pumps come on and when an alarm call out will occur. The set points are:

  • Lead level
  • Lag level
  • All pumps off level
  • Low level alarm
  • High level alarm

Viewing Programming and Operation

Programming is available through the internal keypad. The programming prompts are displayed on the internal display and walk you through setting up all the necessary parameters.

There is a soft key defined on the display (F4) that allows a user to view pump parameters in real time.

The system comes pre-configured, but any defaults can be changed to address the specific I/O channel parameters directly.