Antx remote monitors provide the easiest, most reliable and cost effective way to achieve optimal performance from operations and equipment in remote locations.

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Increase Productivity

Control and monitor equipment throughout your remote operations. Get notified of equipment issues before problems occur.

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Optimize Operation

Deploy employees more efficiently by remotely monitoring and controlling equipment. Increase reliability and predictability of operations using automated 24/7 remote monitoring.

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Extend Equipment Life

Increase the lifecycle of your equipment by seeing performance before degradation becomes a real problem. Immediately receive diagnostic alerts when equipment is not performing as expected.

One solution for all remote monitoring
from a single company.

See how Antx remote monitoring and control works in your field.


Oil & Gas Producers

Control and track E&P facilities with remote monitoring and control of impoundments, transfer lines, tank levels, truck pickups, flow volumes and water quality. Reduce the headaches, frustrations and operation costs of recruiting and retaining staff to monitor and service isolated locations. Minimize downtime and trips to job sites saving labor, vehicle use and fuel costs.

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Equipment Manufacturers

Integrate reliable remote monitoring and control to provide superior performance for customers needing dependable electronics. Leverage the Centurion cloud technology and cloud infrastructure to provide your clients 24/7 visibility and control.

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Rental Equipment Operators

Monitor and track diesel-powered equipment to ensure it’s used as intended and operating at peak performance. Use Centurion to access current and historical views of actual performance, diagnose issues remotely and predict when service is needed to extend equipment life cycles.

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Water Companies

Monitor and control your wells, tank levels, line pressures, flow rates and water quality with Antx hardware. Reduce operating costs by monitoring and controlling equipment wherever you are with the Centurion dashboard. Have better data to make better decisions across your entire operation.

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Wastewater Facilities

Monitor performance, set and receive alarms and configure automatic operations of lift stations, pump stations and treatment plants. Optimize operations by using Centurion to see all sites at once in a single intuitive graphical view or drill down for the details you need. Save time and reduce the risks of reportable events with accurate data across locations.

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Hardware that’s proven and trusted.

Antx systems have been proven through 10,000+ units installed over 20+ years. Operators depend on Antx hardware for the flexibility, intelligence and communications to reliably control equipment in the roughest environments. State-of-the-art monitoring handles dozens of inputs, sending alerts and automatically executing operations based on internal logic, for a wide range of in-the-field situations.

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Control through a secure mobile dashboard.

Centurion provides a mobile dashboard for monitoring and controlling operations from anywhere, anytime. It manages equipment alerts and enables remote problem diagnosis across your organization to keep downtime to a minimum. You can get the information needed, and have the control, to take the right actions immediately, from any location. You’ll save labor, vehicle and fuel costs by taking fewer trips to job sites.

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Years of experience 20+
Installations 10,000+
Satisfied Customers 1,000+

Proven and dependable.

Thousands of customers trust Antx for dependable remote monitoring and control. As a unified hardware and software provider, Antx is the single resource you can count on to ensure the entire system delivers. Contact us now to see if Antx solutions are right for your needs.

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