Products engineered for reliable, easy-to-use remote monitoring and control.


Antx is a company devoted to providing reliable, rugged, easy-to-use telemetry hardware and monitoring software. Our mission is to help companies and operators keep remote facilities running smoothly while they travel less, save cost and have greater visibility and control.

We design and manufacture products that perform at the highest reliability levels in the most demanding remote industrial and commercial environments. Our heritage demonstrates how Antx identifies market needs and introduces products to meet those needs to make our customers more efficient by: reducing site visits, increasing equipment life, increasing safety and providing up-to-the minute access to remote systems.

  • 1983 – launched ADAS DiaLog, the industry’s first automatic alarm notification system offering synthesized voice and user-recorded speech
  • 1989 – DiaLog Ultra, industry’s first field-upgradable remote monitoring system
  • 1999 – Elite, industry’s first Internet programmable remote monitoring system
  • 2005 – Scout Lone-Man, industry’s first lone-man on-site alarm notification system integrated with local control systems
  • 2007 – Messenger, industry’s first plug-and-play CANbus/Modbus remote telemetry device
  • 2010 – Aquavx, industry’s first cellular peer-to-peer system for distributed control
  • 2016 – Messenger-SMB, industry’s first plug-and-play solar-powered system for impoundment and flow monitoring
  • 2017 – Messenger-SMB-CAN, industry’s first plug-and-play diesel-driven pump control and monitoring system
  • 2018 – Messenger-GMB, industry’s first integrated generator system to provide remote independent control of generators and loads

Whatever the demands of your remote application – Antx provides the solution with products that are designed and manufactured to perform at the highest levels.

Delivering the service and performance needed for remote operations.

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Reduce downtime and increase productivity

Get notified of equipment issues across your entire operation before problems occur
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Reduce operation costs

Save labor, vehicle and fuel costs by taking fewer trips to job sites with the aid of remote monitoring visibility and diagnostic insights
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Optimize operations

24/7 remote monitoring provides more accurate data than a human could possibly collect along with computations that deliver superior insights
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Extend the life of equipment

Increase the lifecycle of your equipment by performing maintenance when it’s needed, based on actual performance

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Thousands of customers trust Antx for dependable remote monitoring and control. As a unified hardware and software provider, Antx is the single resource you can count on to ensure the entire system delivers. Contact us now to see if Antx solutions are right for your needs.