Equipment Manufacturers

Integrate reliable remote monitoring and control to provide superior performance for customers needing dependable electronics. Leverage the Centurion cloud technology and cloud infrastructure to provide your clients 24/7 visibility and control.

Equipment Manufacturers

Equipment manufacturers are challenged to maintain the highest possible standards and performance on the equipment they provide to their customer base. Device and equipment companies and their engineers are often oriented primarily around the mechanical and electronic needs of the locally operating equipment, and they lack the expertise and resources to devote to automated remote monitoring and control.

Antx highly reliable telematics provide detailed information on the current status and operation of your equipment, into your backend software platform or Centurion web-based system, so your customers can experience superior performance when your equipment is installed remotely. For manufactures without their own backend software,  Centurion provides cloud-based monitoring for 24/7 visibility and control.

By integrating Antx telematics, you gain the ability to track customers’ product usage, facilitate new customer service offerings, validate warranty claims and plan enhancement roadmaps based on real-world usage data.

Messenger for telematics

Antx Messenger product is a compact, cost-effective and self-contained telematics system that device manufacturers can easily integrate into their system to provide full-function remote monitoring and equipment control. Messenger is a proven solution with over 10,000 installed units operating reliably around the world. Messenger is working behind the scenes to provide a complete remote solution for more than two dozen products, manufactures and brands. Messenger is the telematics solution for many OEMs, and can be for you as well.

Standards support

Integrations are simple and highly reliable due to Messenger’s proven support for key industry standards and protocols. Most common functions are available with pre-programmed, out-of-the-box capabilities. Naming of functions or components can be easily tailored and functional customization is readily achievable with full programming capabilities.

  • CAN-bus – Messenger is built to interface with any CAN-bus-supported measurement or control capability, including RPM, engine hours, diagnostics, temperatures, pressures, fuel usage, on/off control and virtually any PGN/SPN on the CAN-bus.
  • Modbus – Messenger supports all aspects of Modbus-RTU monitor and control for interfacing with PLCs, controllers and other Modbus-enabled equipment.
  • LTE, LTE-M, NB-IoT – world-wide cellular communications are straightforward and reliable.

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We are the world’s leading supplier of remote monitoring systems for a reason:

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Increase Productivity

Control and monitor equipment throughout your remote operations. Get notified of equipment issues before problems occur.

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Optimize Operation

Deploy employees more efficiently by remotely monitoring and controlling equipment. Increase reliability and predictability of operations using automated 24/7 remote monitoring.

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Extend Equipment Life

Increase the lifecycle of your equipment by seeing performance before degradation becomes a real problem. Immediately receive diagnostic alerts when equipment is not performing as expected.