Product Overview

The Aquavx™ Scout is an industrial alarm notification and remote monitoring system designed for the water and wastewater market. It provides monitoring and control of up to 74 inputs and outputs: Standard physical inputs include 10 digital, 4 analog and 2 output relays. 58 standard Modbus I/O. Optional physical I/O.

The easy-to-use Aquavx™ Scout provides a low-cost solution to remote monitoring that is dependable and reliable – everything you want in an alarming and notification system with the same performance that you expect from an Antx product.

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Local-user features

  • View current run-times, cycles, tank levels, etc.
  • View flow rates and totalized flow
  • View inflow and outflow totals that are volumetrically computed locally
  • View rainfall rate and total
  • View alarm history
  • Dynamic scrolling display – you decide what data is automatically shown on the display
  • Control pumps
  • Operator login and automatic alarming for man-down situations
  • Three ‘radio-button’ keys are configurable to view any available information with a single key press
  • View and change programming

Alarm notification

  • E-mail and text messaging
  • Voice call out
  • Alarms for excessive run-times or cycles
  • Differences in run-times between pumps being too long
  • Differences in cycles between pumps being too many
  • Exceeding limits on: tank levels, pressure, flow rates, motor amps, etc.
  • Power fail
  • Low battery level
  • Loss of cellular communication
  • Loss of Modbus communication

On-line reporting

  • Pump run-times per day, week, month, etc.
  • Total inflow and outflow per day, week, month, etc.
  • Alarm history and complete audit trail
  • Total flow per day, week, month, etc.

On-line viewing and controls

  • Current and historical data in chart and tabular forma
  • All current and historic alarms
  • Dynamic map view of sites
  • Tabular and graphical views of sites and data
  • Control pumps and motors
  • Smartphone access

Physical characteristics

  • Pluggable connectors
  • Input power 15VDC (DIN-rail power supply included)
  • 12-hour internal backup battery (included)
  • Aluminum enclosure – 9.34″W x 7.22″H x 3.6″D
  • NEMA 4X enclosure – 10″W x 12″H x 6″D
  • Operating temperature – 0-70C (32-158F)

Programming made simple

  • All programming options are conveniently presented on the LCD display so you can select them using the keypad
  • Help Desk for all programming and operational questions
  • Historical events including all alarms, and relay controls are stored in the Event Log which can be retrieved locally

Alarms conditions being monitored

  • Dry contract or digital inputs may be monitored for on/off conditions
  • Run-time and cycle alarms
  • Flow rate and totalized flow
  • Analog inputs may be monitored for high and/or low conditions
  • Power failure and low battery are always monitored

Local relay control

  • The relays can be automatically controlled when any monitored channel exceeds a limit or condition. For example, they can be activated on a high level and deactivated on a low level.
  • Multiple Aquavx units can communicate with each other to create system-wide controls. For example, turning on wells to fill elevated tanks.
  • NEMA 4X enclosure
  • GSM or CDMA cell phone
  • Tank-well control
  • Additional physical I/O – analog, digital or relay