Messenger GMB

Messenger GMB

Product Overview

The Messenger GMB is a complete system to remotely control a generator and independently control the load connected to the generator. With automatic independent control of the load, users are able to deploy generators that are properly sized for the load they are running.

The Messenger GMB operates by turning the generator on, waiting for the generator to fully start, then connecting the load – all automatically and remotely. The generator is started via a remote start connection, the generator RPM is monitored directly from the generator controller, when the speed it up, the GMB connects the load and verifies that the kW of the generator indicates the load is successfully powered. Any failures are reported to the user via Antx’ Centurion web application.

Advantages of Messenger GMB are:

  • reduce trips to the generator for start/stop, saving labor and fuel
  • reduce generator fuel consumption by properly sizing the generator for the load
  • get alarms on low fuel, disconnected load and generator faults
  • automatically start and stop the generator and load based on other conditions
    • level in a tank
    • flow through a flow meter
    • pressure
  • solar power to keep the generator battery charged

Monitoring capabilities:

  • Engine:
    • RPM, engine hours, coolant temperature, oil pressure, fuel usage, engine diagnostics on some generators
  • Generator: (DeepSea and ComAp, others available on request)
    • kW, power factor, L1, L2 and L3 voltages and current
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  • NEMA 4X 18x16x10 lockable enclosure with mounting feet
  • Pushbuttons for manual control of load
  • Horn/buzzer that activates prior to remote generator start command to notify field personnel
  • 480 or 600VAC 3-phase contactor with thermal overload protection
  • Field-replaceable J-type fuses for L1, L2 and L3 protection from generator power
  • AWG 2 wire connections for load (motor) and generator
  • Solar charger to charge the generator battery, which must be in auto mode for the remote control to be able to start the generator
  • Internal cellular antenna and external cellular connection for high-gain antennas
  • Panel mounted M12 connections for wiring remote start, power and communications to the generator
  • Messenger remote telemetry unit with GPS providing communication to the web for presentation of data and control
  • Watertight fittings for all external wiring
  • M12 wiring cables for communication to the generator are included with each system
  • Operating temperature: -13F to 131F

Messenger GMB Datasheet