Messenger SMB-Tanks

Messenger SMB-Tanks

The Messenger SMB-Tanks system monitors up to 8 tanks of liquid, typically frac tanks for drilling or completions.

The SMB series of products are designed to provide a rugged, weather-proof, easy to deploy solution to monitoring a variety of oil/gas applications. All SMB units provide continuous monitoring of all connected equipment and sensors giving the user near real-time access to all information about their remote or unattended installations.

Each SMB includes:

  • small weatherproof enclosure with handle for easy carrying
  • cables for level sensor, pulsing flow meter, Modbus smart sensors and solar panel
  • backup battery and solar charger
  • active LTE 4G cellular-based Messenger telemetry unit with external high-gain antenna and GPS
  • magnets for mounting to metal surfaces
  • pre-configured Centurion web-based monitoring, alarming and remote access system


  • desktop, tablet or smartphone-based Centurion screens allow users to set the tank depth, low and high alarm limits, and the notification methods for exceeding those limits
  • SMB-Tanks is powered by 120VAC, usually provided by a light plant or generator
  • SMB-Tanks can be mounted on the frac tanks using the attached magnets. Cables are run from the SMB-Tanks to each of the submersible pressure sensors that are lowered into the tanks through the hatch on the top of the tank. Extension cables for each tank sensor can be added as needed to make the installation easy and clean
  • level of each tank is measured and displayed to a tenth (0.1) of a foot, with a maximum depth of 32.6 feet
  • tanks that have brine or produced water, a density adjusting sensor can be installed into a tank to adjust the level of all tanks
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Dimensions: 12”L x 9”W x 6”D

  • Pressure relief valve for altitude changes
  • Mounting magnets

Operating temperature: -40C to +80C, -40F to 176F

Solar controller:

  • Input voltage range 12-24V
  • User interface for: solar panel input voltage, load voltage, battery voltage, high and low battery charge shutoff

Analog input:

  • 4-20ma standard
  • 24VDC power provided by SMB
  • Solar panel – 10W, 20W, 30W, 40W with mount
  • High gain omni antenna with pole or magnet mount
  • Tank level sensors for various depths and lengths
  • Sensor M12 extension cables

Messenger SMB-Tanks Datasheet