Product Overview

The DiaLog Scout is a small, industrial alarm notification and remote monitoring system. It provides monitoring from either 2, 4 or 8 digital inputs, 2 or 4 analog inputs and can have a relay for control of blowers, fans, pumps, horns, etc.

The easy-to-use DiaLog Scout provides a low-cost solution to remote monitoring that is dependable and reliable – everything you want in an alarming and notification system with the same performance that you expect from an Antx product.

It’s not just another autodialer! Unique features of the DiaLog Scout include local and remote programming, remote relay control, monitoring of digital and analog inputs, user programmable voice messages and internal battery backup. The Scout even calls you when it is time to replace the battery – so you will not miss those critical alarms when the power goes out. Extensive solid-state protection is provided on the power, phone and all input lines so you do not have to replace fuses in the event of power surges or lightning hits.


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The monitoring/alarm system shall be microprocessor based and have the capability to monitor 2, 4 or 8 dry contacts/digital inputs with the option to include 2 analog inputs and 1 relay output. Each of these dry contact inputs shall be user configured through the front panel as normally-closed or normally-open. In addition, the monitoring/alarm system shall monitor the AC power and battery voltage continuously. Upon detecting an alarm on any of its inputs, a low battery condition or detecting loss of its AC power, the system shall begin dialing the first of up to 8 user-programmed telephone numbers.

The monitoring/alarm system shall speak user-recorded messages to the called party describing its location and the alarm conditions that are present. The monitoring/alarm system shall then verbally request that an acknowledgment be given. The called party shall acknowledge the call by momentarily depressing the ‘9’ key on their telephone keypad.

If the system is not acknowledged during the call, it shall hang up, wait from 1 to 3600 seconds and then dial the next number in its phone list. If a successful acknowledgment occurs, the system shall give a sign-off message, allow access to program the system and hang up and then wait a user-programmed period of time for the alarm conditions to be corrected. If this period of time elapses and the alarm condition(s) still exist, the system shall begin the alarm notification cycle again.

The monitoring/alarm system shall support a relay output that shall remain energized as long as the system has any unacknowledged alarms. This output shall be available to allow for wiring to an external horn, buzzer, light or other local alarm device. Additionally, the user shall be able to remotely activate/deactivate the relay from a telephone keypad.

  • GSM cell-phone in a NEMA 4X enclosure
  • GSM cell-phone in a flush mount enclosure
  • CDMA cell-phone in a flush mount enclosure